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First off tell us a lil about yourself! Where are you from what have you been up to lately ?

I am an LA based creative—This past year, I’ve been pouring into other people’s projects and experiencing the fashion industry in multiple realms; It’s inspired the release of my brand beginning 2023!!

How would you describe your personal style ?

I can’t define my style into one category, but if I had to choose I would say curated vintage. I love to be experimental with my style while keeping elements in my wardrobe that still feel like myself. I feel like the best way to do that is with 1 of 1 pieces.

What inspires you and how is that reflected in your looks?

Music is a big part of my day to day inspiration. Seeing some of my favorite artists' styles develop through albums and song releases really validates the way I change my style every day. Being experimental is incredibly inspiring.

When it comes to projects where your in charge of the wardrobe, what's your approach?

I try to emulate peoples vision to the best of my ability while still bringing my creative flair. I love working with open minded people who truly trust my taste. While pulling looks, I always think of my models too. I want them to feel comfortable and confident so it reflects on camera.

In regards to Le labo how did you approach styling everyone ?

I created a moodboard for inspo— the moodboard included editorials from tyler the creator’s le fluer, 1912 golf apparel, and still images that encapsulated the emotions I wanted to evoke through wardrobe and hair.

What was your favorite look ?

It’s so hard to pick… Kai’s golfer outfit really shot well on film and video! If you look at the moodboard it’s exactly what I had envisioned.

What was your favorite look to source ?

The Angels!! Initially, I wanted the angels to have two separate outfits that compliment each other but after talking to Noah he expressed the importance of duplicate fits. I sourced both dresses from a family owned shop in dtla. All garments were hand made in Guatemala. It’s always my intention to support my community in any way I can.

Reflecting on that day, how did you manage all the fits and keeping up with the schedule?

A set is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting. The first hour of processing the models was the most time consuming. The producers schedule really kept me on check and having each models looks set from the beginning made it a smooth process.

Anything exciting we can look forward to expecting from you anytime soon?!

I’ve held onto my brand for soooo long it’s exciting to finally talk about it and see it come into fruition. If you’re looking for curated vintage De Revivir will be launching 2023!!

Last question!

What does foolish ambition mean to you?

One of my favorite quotes is fate loves the fearless and I feel foolish ambition correlates to that. As creatives it’s important to have a strong desire to succeed and you can’t succeed if you don’t think big.

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