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I’m puttin the pen back on, I got things to say, people too acknowledge and stories to tell. As eloquently and as authentically as I could possibly be, I’ll never spell things right, I’ll have run ons, but that’s besides the point you’ll get the meat and potatoes.

Speaking of meat and potatoes… I want to discuss newly semi famous rapper, producer, pop star, ex pizza delivery guy… Carter Ace.

Carter and the band recently released their newest ep " the one n lonely “ a classic play by play on Carter’s experiences and ideals. The 5 track ep takes you on a journey of love, freedom and everything of that nature.

I first played the project in my car on my way to work. It was about 9am my seat warmers were on and I was ready to dive In. As someone who is quite literally on his first ep " Music is better than people" *cough cough I got my life to live last 18 seconds cough cough*

My expectations were HIGH. I couldn’t of imagined what could top my sexy voice on track 1 but my expectations were beyond met. The 5 track project brings you the pop funk your looking for on the freeway, the late night in your bedroom contemplating life vibes and the daily rotation of pop and rap commingling .

The track that surprised me the most was “ he’s alive” this felt like Carter’s Kanye moment where he did everything and anything we didn’t expect, didn’t even ask for but are now so curious about this other side to his style! Is this a new side of carter we can get to know on his next album? Maybe ! Am I into it ? I think so???

On the drive home the lyrics “ cuz my skin feels like money and if I AINT have it would you want me ?” We’re on a loop in my brain. The entire songs puts so much perspective and reality to “ the come up attention” where everyone and their mama starts treating you different. Suddenly the shawty that wouldn’t talk to you is in your dms and the homies that didn’t have your back are calling you bestie… money changes peoples opinions in this industry and unfortunately bullshit can be hard to see. This is by far my favorite song on the project, it’s catchy, authentic and really fucken catchy. Track 3 " stay here instead" really embraces carter's iconic adlib, " yeah yeah" ( someone put it on a shirt please) it evokes the same feeling of kid cudi's " mhmmm", the moment shit is about to go down in the song and we about to feel everything and anything.

I’ve decided not to rate the projects I will review because I respect the time and energy that went into this process. So I’ll leave you with this… Congratulations to carter ace a dope band a dope vocalist. Excited to see what becomes of this project and how it will be absorbed by the atmosphere.



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