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17 year old Grant uses various markers and pens to create his original designs of his favorite rappers. From $not to Tracy Minajj, Grants terrifying but compelling designs have become iconic in the rap scene.

How has your upbringing developed your craft?

I've been drawing ever since I was little but I really started posting my drawings on a spam account that I had back in 2016 and I have ever since.

How long have you been working on design ?

For about 4 years and I’m still trying to perfect it

What do you consider some of your ambitions ?

I would like to have clothes out very soon and I would like to work with some of my favorite artists ( nascar, lil Tracy, city morgue. Etc) I also would like to design clothes and make tattoo designs

Any recent challenges ? How do you handle creative blocks?

I go through art block every once in a while and just lack motivation but nothing terrible

I like to just chill for maybe 2-3 days and just watch movies that I haven’t seen and music that I haven’t heard yet to get inspired. For me the best way is to just keep on finding stuff to inspire you at all times.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Hopefully still alive, successful and moved out of my parents crib haha

What’s something you're looking forward to ?

I’m looking forward to going to concerts and linking up with artists I’ve worked with, making more clothes, and hitting

Reading any fire books? Watching any good shows?

I don’t read like that but I really wanna read the book of the law by Crowley and the master key. A show that I would recommend if you haven’t seen already is the midnight gospel. It’s a show created by the people that made adventure time which is already hands down in my top 5 cartoons of all time. I watch movies way more than anything so here are some movies I would recommend for people: ichi the killer, kenpark, gummo, imprint, a clockwork orange, trainspotting and of course fight club. Most of these films have been banned in at least one country besides trainspotting and fc but they say that all of the best stories are the most explicit and gruesome and I 100% agree.

What does Foolish Ambition mean to you?

For me it sounds like chasing something and not caring about anything else but that specific something

keep up with Grant and his insane designs here on his IG @mindofgrant

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