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Creativity during Quarantine

There’s an old saying that no one man is an island. But now, more than ever, we are sequestered to our own little white beaches and tasked with the challenge of filling time. While facetime and zoom have been a lifeline, I've begun to feel a little stranded. A little deserted on my tropical island, filling whatever urge I have to create with procrastination, ice cream, and Netflix. I found myself in a lull of loneliness. A cycle of idleness of sort that I can only assume is a symptom of quarantine.

I found myself wondering why I had this innate want to create but had no fire to do so. I pondered on why I couldn't seem to peel my eyes away from the tv screen or get my ass up off the couch.

I found that in my time of solitude, I had filled my 24 hours with meaningless distractions. Much like a person who only eats McDonald's and wonders why they have no energy. I was consuming junk and wondering why my creativity had not blossomed.

I was now gorging on the crap I use to only consume in moderation. Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok: all wonderful things, but as I binged upon them, I felt my mind and creative spirit begin to lull.

I was depriving myself of the nutrients that once fueled my craft. I had forgotten to nurture my creativity. Nurturing doesn’t always mean creating, but it is an action. If you're a writer, then read; if you're a filmmaker watch movies, if you’re an artist, look at some of the work by your favorite creators, if you're an entrepreneur, look at some of your favorite companies' business models. And as you do these things study them; really examine the artistry. In this odd time of stillness, you don’t have to create the next big American masterpiece, but fostering that creativity is a really good start.

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