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Click image to watch full music video by rapper ChrisBaby and Trumpet player & producer King Oliver Trumpet

How did this collaboration come together ?

King Oliver Trumpet : I made this instrumental. I just wanted to express what I had to say and it came forward in this high energy aggressive way and when we were in a session he ( chris baby) heard it and went nuts. It was all pretty much passion driven. Black Milk was the name of the beat and then we originally named the song passion but once chrisbaby had some time with it he settled on False Awakening.

art by @dillonmichaelbrookey

How long have you been making music ?

King Oliver Trumpet : I've been playing music since 4th grade but have been making music since college

Chrisbaby: i started to get really serious about making music in 2014

Who has been your biggest inspiration when it comes to making music ?

King Oliver Trumpet: My peers are my biggest inspiration, they are the reason I started creating in the first place.

Chrisbaby: when it comes to music Kid Cudi has always been one of my biggest inspirations

What's next for you ?

King Oliver Trumpet: Focusing on the quality of my production and bringing trumpet into a new space when it comes to music. As a part of the lineage of black trumpet players I feel a responsibility to pay it forward and bring the trumpet into a contemporary setting. Lately I've been beyond focused on production and taking that to a new level.

How do you cope in unforeseen circumstances like we are in right now? Any tactics on staying focused ?

King Oliver Trumpet: Mediation and community to a large extent. I got introduced to the practice a few years back but it takes time to settle into it, now that I have had all this isolation I've been able to really tap into it and reap the benefits of practicing. It’s allowed me to have gratitude and stay focused. Gratitude is key.

Chrisbaby: I cope with unforeseen circumstances by safeguarding my emotions. whether the information is true or not I don’t let it affect my feelings or my dreams, because at the end of the day that’s all we have. Growing up I saw a lot of the people I love be controlled by their emotions, and that’s why I named the record false awakenings, I was in a low place looking for something everyday waking up, searching. when it was in me the whole time

To keep up with the incredible artist follow them on IG: @chrisbayb & @kingolivertrumpet

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