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The rebrand and expand of Foolish Ambition.

As a one woman show the start and stop of Foolish has been less than ideal but I've also been okay with that. I knew that there would be a time i could give my full attention to FA. If the past 2 years have taught me anything is that there will never be a good time to do literally anything.

As a creative and an entrepreneur all I have ever wanted to do was make shit. Anything and everything that i thought was dope and more importantly i wanted to do it with people i love, people i trust and see myself building with. building a team needs to be a natural progression, i want things to move organically and authentically.

So let me tell you exactly what foolish is. Foolish ambition is a creative production agency that focused on branding, campaign strategy and craft based support. The mission is to create long lasting community involved and socially relevant strategy aimed at highlighting the strength of our diverse talent roster and Gen z community globally. Connecting young talent with mentors to enhance their presence in given field is one of the first steps of under 30 talent getting the respect, credit and financing they deserve.

I've always been perceived as too young to accomplish anything, considered foolish for my grand ideas. I believe we should thrive off the words no or phrases that want our demise. the elevation and freedom that comes with pursuing in a room you want to be in is incomparable. I want foolish to be the hub of the most hungry, the ones you want to make impact with the stories they tell, the projects they put out.

A main focus ( which will take time to get off the ground) is our mentorship program. Cultivating a list of the most hungry, execution focused and passion driven mentees to be guided and create a natural repertoire with executive mentors who have made their mark in the entertainment and product industry.

Right now, foolish will function as a blog highlighting artist, interviews and excerpts from people with something to say. Foolish Ambition will be operating as a cooperation which primarily develops ideas and creates concrete strategy with talent support for clients.

This is a new chapter and humble beginning of FA.



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