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We are living in a time a lot is out of our control. A lot of people are using this time to be lazy watch tv and make tik toks, that was me Sunday and Monday but it's Tuesday now. Time to stop feeling sorry and get your brain really grooving. With two weeks of isolation so much can get done, you can read not one but maybe even two books! you know why ? YOU SHOULD HAVE NO DISTRACTIONS. your a creative - we need to thrive in these circumstances - we need to hone in on our abilities and create as much as possible right now, write, produce, record, paint , design whatever you need to do to exercise your creativity. This is the time to practice, try something new. I am not saying this time isn't difficult. Mentally and physically being trapped in our homes is not ideal, I don't think it's healthy to dwell in that right now though. Finding the positivity in all this chaos is what's going to allow us to come out of this stronger and ready to give the world everything we got. So please use this time to heal, grow and learn. Foolish Ambition never stops, ever.

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